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Bees & Butterflies : the 'stars' in the garden...

Annuals never play the leading role in any garden – indeed nor will they ever make a claim to that effect. They are quite happy playing second fiddle, and they do so with gusto.

They like to catch your eye without claiming too much space.

This is why they flower AS LONG AS POSSIBLE in order to ensure PLENTY OF OFFSPRING.

Why are they often so breathtakingly beautiful?

The answer is simple: To lure us, human beings, but more importantly, to lure BUTTERFLIES, BEES and other POLLINATORS.

However, annuals can make a difference in every garden by providing highly needed support to all insects.

Annuals in their natural habitat never boast thick, filled flowers – they would be worthless for the pollinators as they need to procreate, like bees and butterflies. For this reason we hardly supply any F1 hybrids or cultivars that provide little or no pollen or nectar - in other words, plants that are cultivated for their attractive appearance only...

Here is how you select plants that attract bees and butterflies:

On the PLANTS and SEEDS page, you can search by colour, height, habitat, etc. Click on Bees/Butterflies; then click Search.