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Annuals never play the leading role in any garden – nor will they ever make a claim to that effect. They are quite happy playing second fiddle and they do so with gusto. They like to catch your eye without claiming too much space and they like to live as long as possible in order to ensure plenty of offspring.

Why are they often so breathtakingly beautiful?

The answer is simple: to lure bees and other pollinators.

The prettiest varieties are not always the ones with the largest, conspicuous flowers in bright colours. Most of the time, these are the end product of intensive cultivation by human beings, which are not content with the natural, original concept.

Annuals in their natural habitat never have thick, filled flowers – they would be worthless for the pollinators they need to procreate, like bees and butterflies.

ANNUAL PLANTS, you can do anything with it

  • You can make wonderful flower beds, even on colour. You put together beautiful bouquets.
  • You can make exciting compositions in your planters.
  • You bring summer inside with dry flowers.


  • On warm summer evenings you enjoy heavenly scents.
  • Bees and butterflies will never leave your garden again.
  • Annual climbers know how to handle an ugly fence
  • Go through our catalog and you'll know: it are all trinkets!


SILENE is a small nursery of special annual and biennial plants with emphasis on an idiosyncratic, non-ordinary assortment.

We want to be captivated by the unpretentious charm of the old-fashioned flowers from our grandpartents' gardens once again, or we want to fill pots and planters in a creative way with new and unusual plants from all over the world (Annual plants are often perennial plants somewhere else in the world...)


All plants are grown as the true enthusiast does: Sow, transplant, plant in pots, harden off, nurture, plant... without use of fertiliser, growth inhibitors or other artificial fed stimulants...