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Many people live in increasingly small places or no longer feel the need to maintain a large garden.

However, a small area should not keep you from having flowers if you love them!

Even if you do not have a garden and have no more than a balcony or a terrace, you can still enjoy an abundance of flowers and the accompanying visiting bees, bumble bees and butterflies, all summer long.

All you need is a couple of nice pots and containers and a few special seed mixtures including colourful and scented annuals. We have prepared two special mixtures (and tested them last summer):

Colorful pots 1: fresh and soft pastel hues

Colorful pots 2: cheerful and colorful, in sunny hues

Each bag contains sufficient seeds for 2 m², enough to create your own piece of nature at the centre of town by sowing a flower meadow in ... containers!

The low-growing flower mixes ‘Colour Carpet Blue & White’, ‘Fairy Mix’ and ‘Pretty in Pink’ serve the same purpose, and will provide enough seeds for 4 m²!